17th Mar 2018

I am a great anticipator. I get excited when I expect something to happened. That includes preparation for a concert, from learning the music to getting dressed for a performance. From meeting the orchestra to seeing how our collaboration is unfolding. Perhaps the expectation of what is about to happen is equally powerful to the experience of the performance. Every detail is important, following all my little rituals before, during and after, everything that gets my full attention, is what makes my experience of singing enjoyable and wholesome.

Many times I am learning a new programme to just perform it once. After I have sang it, I am already preparing for the next. A very recent example. I have just sang 2 concert in the beautiful Dubal Opera house, followed by 2 concerts with CBSO and was called to sing with Halle Orchestra. Then got the music for a concert with BBC Concert Orchestra and few days later was performing life on the radio (BBC R3), in honour of the International woman’s day. The programme was featuring female composers. Gorgeous music, two different styles in one concert.

While I anticipate new concerts/programmes/performances I keep thinking about what I have sang. The music continues in my heart, head and voice until it finds a place of contentment, because I realise how it has changed me.