I am Ilona Domnich – a musician, a versatile singer, an actress and a teacher.

I am on a wonderful journey to discover everything my voice is capable of and at the same time to investigate the mystery of a human heart through music.

For me, singing encompasses everything that it means to be human and it provides a channel for my emotional and spiritual needs.

I am fortunate to have had some wonderful teachers and vocal coaches and I am hugely grateful to the most amazing supportive team of people around me, including my friends and family, who accompany me on this path of self-discovery through music and song.

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Current Events

29th May 2024

Cabaret @SolentMusicFestival Accordion – Djordje Gajic Singer – Ilona Domnich An evening with an accordion solos and songs from Classical to Cabaret and Klezmer

30th May 2024

Schubert @Solent Music Festival Sam Haywood Ilona Domnich Aleksey Semenenko Katherine Spencer Schubertiade and three short works by living composers    

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How can you win over the darkness, if you run away from the light?

18th Feb 2024

The devastating massacre scenes of October 7th reminded Jews and Israelis of the Holocaust. The slaughter of innocent people in such a barbaric way, the glee with which the terrorists […]

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