I am Ilona Domnich – a musician, a versatile singer, an actress and a teacher.

I am on a wonderful journey to discover everything my voice is capable of and at the same time to investigate the mystery of a human heart through music.

For me, singing encompasses everything that it means to be human and it provides a channel for my emotional and spiritual needs.

I am fortunate to have had some wonderful teachers and vocal coaches and I am hugely grateful to the most amazing supportive team of people around me, including my friends and family, who accompany me on this path of self-discovery through music and song.

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Current Events

4th Aug 2024

Music by Jack’s Lake, part of 2024 music festival

EN49DW, London

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‘Music by Jack’s Lake’ Summer Festival 2024

22nd Jul 2024

A tree is rooted in the ground, connected to other trees, reaching for the sky, it is drawing its energy from the earth, from the sun and the air. It […]

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