Hadley Woods Festival – Music on Jack’s Lake

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Every tree was once a seed and so the journey of Hadley woods Festival – Music on Jack’s Lake begins on the 20th Aug 2021.

One of the deep realisations that I have come to in the Pandemic is that we never know what might happen tomorrow or even in the next moment. I knew this in my head, but living through Covid lockdowns, cancelled work, so much illness, fear and suffering around made me fully understand it. Which is why I have decided to act upon an idea that had been brewing in my mind and without delay start a music festival next to a beautiful lake in Barnet/Cockfosters. This combination of water, woods, music and people coming together is unique and has an X factor. I feel very proud of the first concert and I am excited for this dream to start growing roots in the years to come.

Our next concerts are planned for June and August 2022

Many wholehearted thanks to Peter Davies – curator of Monken Hadley and our amazing volunteers: Anna, Larry, Sandy, Sue, David, Roma, Anthony and Ethan. Also, to John Eldred and Peter Andrews from fishing association for granting us access to the lake and preparing it for the concert.

Our massive gratitude goes out to our sponsor – Ruti and Inna, Bob, Annie and to the World Heart Beat Music Academy for making this concert possible.