How can you win over the darkness, if you run away from the light?

18th Feb 2024

The devastating massacre scenes of October 7th reminded Jews and Israelis of the Holocaust.

The slaughter of innocent people in such a barbaric way, the glee with which the terrorists gloated about their evil actions – is the true genocide, Jewish ethnicity cleansing.

But it only served a reminder. Because October 7th for Israelis is very different. We don’t want to be reminded of the Holocaust. Israelis are not fearful jews, brought to their knees because they did not have a country and an army to shield them. Unlike unprotected Jews in diaspora, they have a country and they are fighting for it like lions and lionesses.

And here is the thing – to anyone who speaks of tolerance, against marginalisation, against violence, anyone who pretend to care about humanity, human, children and women rights – I want to say, do open your eyes and stop being shortsighted. This is much bigger than Israel/Gaza war! This is a different ideology, standing against the western values of civilization and Israel is fighting on your behalf.

And to the Jews who join in this betrayal, including the ones who attend the pro-Palestinian marches and the ones who are silent or call for ceasefire – What are you without Israel? If Hamas and extremists Islamic Jihadists were to come into power in your countries, where will you run to for protection? If the antisemitic mobs will knock at your door?  Who do you think will protect you when you stand on your shaking knees – perhaps Hamas terrorists?


My gaze is turned towards Israel, a country where its people take care of each other, with their displaced citizens from the north and the south and hostages’ families. Where the army is fighting on two fronts – Gaza and Lebanon – while trying to keep order in the West Bank. Where even during the war, thousands of people go to rallies and demonstrations to protest in a democratic way against Netanyahu.

A country where parents need to find ways to explain to small children what a hostage is. Where children grow with PTSD spending their childhood in bomb shelters. Where Holocaust survivors bury their grandchildren and mothers bury their sons and daughters, who went to save our country, a country with endless funerals, where every day is a Remembrance Day. Where each person is playing their part in the horrific action movie that is shot daily. Because if they will stop, they will see the sun being erased from the sky and their hearts will start spilling through their eyes unconsolably.

When my heart breaks, I remember about love – I have a heart full of love. Israelis are united and that is love. We are all one, together. We don’t care if you like it or not – it is our incredible Jewish reality. Israel is where we belong! We protect our home, our heart, our love, the future of our children, the future of our happiness.

Israelis are not afraid, no one can break our spirit, shatter our soul, nor rape, murder, or burn our hope. Israelis are the Jews with fire in their bellies and courage in their hearts and iron swords in their hands.

We don’t have another homeland. Israel is our only hope – even if this hope grows from the ashes. Israel has the sun and knows how to dance in the ruins. I believe that now is the time for going towards the light, for searching for the truth. Israel knows how to follow the path of life, to life. #AmIsraelHai #Bringthemhomenow.

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